Etosha Omusati Lodge

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Exciting new development

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Bookable from May 2024

Our newest hospitality venture has brought us to the doorstep of the great Etosha National Park, known for its incredible wildlife and photographic opportunities. Situated only 14km south of the Anderson Gate in Etosha, Etosha Omusati Lodge grants easy access to and from the park.

Layers of Mopane trees, known as Omusati in local Oshiwambo language, form the backdrop of the lodge. The lodge lies directly on the C38 tar road and grants easy access to all vehicles. Delicious dinners, light healthy lunches, and scrumptious breakfast round off your stay and prepare you for further adventuring!

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Construction and maintenance will be underway through 2024. We are always conscious of guests and as unobtrusive as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Bookable from April 2024

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